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Welcome to Yerba Buena Financial Partners

We are a private wealth management firm providing truly independent concierge service with a clearly defined dynamic process that strives to grow and protect wealth.

We guide and empower our select clientele enabling them to make an even greater impact on the people and the causes they care about deeply. We do this through our proprietary Wealth Impact Process. This process is a disciplined discovery approach to get to know you, ensure we’re a good fit, and create a customized plan to help you make your impact.

We specialize in providing comprehensive planning, organization and monitoring for accredited investors, endowments, pensions and successful entrepreneurs.


This includes a multi-faceted strategy that works towards helping our clients accumulate, preserve and distribute wealth and/or successfully transition their business.

An important element of our Wealth Impact Process is the Grow & Protect Strategy which is aimed at mitigating the roller coaster ride that comes when the economy experiences substantial corrections and bear markets. As the name implies, Grow & Protect places as much weight on protecting wealth as it does on growing wealth. Here we deploy a disciplined process which combines robust thorough fundamental research with the latest quantitative tools to implement a strict sell and re-entry discipline.

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Wall Street Speculating About Monetary Policy To Predict Who Will Bring Home Olympic Gold.

The Markets
The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is expected to introduce another rate hike before the end of 2016, according to the BBC, and it has just three opportunities to deliver the goods – during its September, November, or December meetings.

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August 2016

Mint Edition Articles

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Comprehensive Personalized Financial Analysis

We offer our clients a comprehensive array of services, all backed by the latest technology and tools

Three Pillars of Wealth Management

Our Three Pillars Of Wealth Management move beyond the conventional wisdom disseminated by our industry for far too long.

Wealth Impact Process

We are firm believers in having a clear process for creating an accurate, useful, and evolving wealth plan.

Schedule A Personal Assessment Appointment to determine if we’re a good mutual fit.

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Fee-Only Investment Advisory is Changing…

And It’s Good News for Investors

In past articles and blog posts I have written about the different business models or fee structures that financial advisors use when working with clients. You can find these archived articles here.

I’m not going to get into the details, including advantages and disadvantages of each, but generally speaking, we are talking about three primary methods:

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Summation of the Five Great Wealth Predators of the Affluent

Summation of the Five Great Wealth Predators of the Affluent

As part of the research for his book Cultivating the Middle-Class Millionaire©2005, Russ Alan Prince; Wealth Management Press, Prince & Associates conducted some research to find out what was in the minds of people with moderate wealth.

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Wealth Predator #5 The Conventional “Wisdom” of Wall Street

“Conventional wisdom is often more conventional than wisdom.” Minh Tan
“Doubt conventional wisdom unless you can verify if with reason and experiment.” Steve Albini
Any set of wealth predators to the affluent in our society must include this all important issue impacting almost every person in today’s investing population.

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