Our Wealth Impact Process

At Yerba Buena Financial Partners, we are firm believers in having a clear process for creating an accurate, useful, and evolving wealth plan. Imagine completing the wealth planning process with confidence that there was a closely controlled method used to understand your value system, gather your information, input and analyze your special circumstances, illustrate custom options for your planning, and finally stress test your options. Our team of knowledgeable professionals will create a plan for organizing and managing your wealth and implementing your customized Three Pillars of Wealth Management. Our proprietary systemized approach provides the risk management and disciplined investment process you need and deserve, which sets us apart from many other financial advisors.

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The Wealth Impact Process


Valued Client
We like to say there is no one without your last name who will care for you as much as we will. We get to know our clients and their family's very deeply and spend quite a bit of heart and soul into relationships with our clients. We want our clients to receive great value from our work and feel valued by us for giving us the pleasure to help them make their impact. This is why we take the time to develop and follow this process to use the latest research to make this a good fit and have a happy healthy relationship with our clients.
45 Day Follow Up
We want to see you, in our office or over a web-based meeting, to give you an update on the investment accounts and any advanced planning implementations. In this meeting we want to verify your ability to sign into your accounts. It is here we offer you the opportunity to review your initial statement with us directly to ensure you understand how to read our statements.
Regular Progress Meetings
The ongoing process for our engagement involves us meeting on a regular basis. Again, this can be done in person in our office in San Rafael, CA or via a web-based conference. In this meeting we will discuss everything relating to your life, your health, your children & grandchildren, your work, your business and any life events you may have had since our last meeting. From time to time we may recommend doing a complete update of your financial plan. We will continue to monitor your financial affairs so we may make recommendations as opportunities and circumstances may warrant.
Mutual Commitment Meeting
If both parties are mutually agreeing to move forward with an engagement the Mutual Commitment Meeting is where we will implement the plan we discussed in the Investment Meeting. Account paperwork is prepared and signed. Transfer paperwork is also prepared and signed at this meeting.
Advanced Planning
Our comprehensive planning work is where we bring additional value to our clients' current situation. We will meet with you to conduct an even more in depth discovery process so we may verify your goals, values system, dreams and concerns in order to help you look at your financial affairs holistically. We then complete your custom plan with multiple scenarios so you can learn your options along with the advantages and disadvantages of each of those options. We then work with your existing team of other advisors or bring our network of professional advisors to collaborate for your benefit.
Initial Assessment This is our first meeting together to establish the roots of our relationship. In this meeting we will take the time to get to know one another to begin the process in determining if we are a good mutual fit. The decision to hire a financial advisor is amongst the most important financial decisions you will make. For us, we are looking to establish long term relationships with our clients. As a courtesy to our existing clients we only accept a limited number of new clients each year. The Initial Assessment meeting will take you through a thorough discussion to help each party make a mutually beneficial, long lasting and friendly engagement. If we do not believe we are a good fit or can add value to your current situation we will let you know and recommend another advisor.
Investment Meeting
From the information gathered in our Initial Assessment Meeting we will provide you with a second opinion of your current financial arrangements, investment allocations and investment process & philosophy. If we feel there is the basis for a good fit to work together, in the Investment Meeting we will provide you with a strategic proposal for moving forward with an investment management engagement. In this meeting we will fully describe to you the YBFP investment process and philosophy for you to make an informed decision.

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