Self Employed / Independent Contractors

Tax, wealth & estate planning for the self-employed


Consultants, real estate agents, writers, graphic designers, editors, bookkeepers, attorneys, pharmacists, anesthesiologists, architects, manufacturer representatives and many other independent professionals have started their own businesses and are committed to being their own boss and control their own destiny.

According to IRS statistics, in 2013 there were more than 24 Million sole proprietorship tax returns (Schedule C) filed in the United States with profits of $357.4 Billion.

This represents a significant part of the economy and number of people who will want to complete proper planning to fully take advantage of their success.

We can be helpful to:

  • Assist in proper set up of your business and entity structure
  • Manage cash flow, budgets and financial statements
  • Risk management:
    • BOE insurance
    • Personal disability insurance
    • Life insurance
  • Tax Planning
  • Employee, Executive and Fringe Benefits
  • Business Transition Planning
    • Valuation estimates
    • Value enhancement strategies
    • Transition preparation
    • Deal structure

Working as an independent professional can be both rewarding and intimidating. We specialize in helping these professionals organize their financial and business affairs to optimize their circumstances to pursue their long term goals.

Disclosure: While our comprehensive financial planning services do outline tax ramifications, we do not provide tax or legal advice. We refer our clients to their qualified professionals for tax or legal
advice for their specific situation(s).